Tower of Babel

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This site & forum is dedicated to all Assyrians who want to meet in a neutral and democratic space to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and generate a dialogue related to building a new Assyria, without the fear of being banned, deleted, edited, and branded for your opinions.

Speakassyria.org is not affiliated with any social, political or religious institution, and its only mission is to uphold the Assyrian name, identity, culture and religion.

We have no agendas, no masters, no slaves, no dogma, no corporate sponsors, and most importantly, no built-in biases towards any individual, organization, and community.

Speakassyria.org is not responsible for the opinions, comments and outlook of any participant, and will operate as a democratic society, respecting and valuing all individuals and their contributions.

Speaskassyria.org will not tolerate racism, prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, and hateful or threatening remarks directed toward any individual, organization, and community. You will be respected if you are willing to respect yourself first.

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